COVID-19: Update From Winston Salem Dermatology


What first began as a small virus outbreak in Wuhan China, COVID-19, which is also known as the Coronavirus, has begun to take a toll on the remainder of the world. Spreading like wildfire, the CDC announced on January 20th, 2020 that the virus had been found in the United States. While countries across the world are taking every necessary precaution to decrease the overall spread, there are several organizations like Winston Salem Dermatology who are working to help the people better understand what they can do as individuals!

We’re Here for You!

Here at Winston Salem Dermatology, we’ve always stood by our motto – Your Skin, Our Passion. But nowadays, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are standing by a new motto – Your Health, Our Passion. We are constantly working with our patients, as well as each other to continue to educate people on how they stay safe and healthy during this crisis. As we continue to take all precautions to keep each other clean and healthy, we are also staying up to date with all health recommendations and announcements from the CDC, the World Health Organization and many other leading organizations.

Prevention Starts with Precaution

While washing your hands has always been a must, it is one of the most crucial ways to help prevent any further spread of the Coronavirus throughout the world. If you have started to wash your hands more often than usual or are worried that you aren’t using the right products, take a look at a few of the precautionary steps we’ve listed below for assistance.

  • Washing with Soap and Water – No matter what the situation may be, if you feel as if your hands are dirty or simply need to be washed again, do it! After you’ve went to the restroom, visited a public place, or simply touched a doorknob – these are all excellent reasons to wash your hands again. The CDC highly recommends using warm or cooler water when washing and continuing so for at least 20 seconds. If you get tired of counting, try singing the Happy Birthday song or other similar tune in your head! After you’ve rinsed your hands off, it’s crucial that you pat them dry and moisturize them with a reliable product afterwards.
  • Be Gentle While Drying – For some people, drying your hands off can often feel like rubbing two pieces of sandpaper together. A common cause for this is being too rough when drying your hands. Rather than being rough and trying to finish drying your hands quickly, try gently patting them dry. By rubbing them aggressively, you’re only creating more irritation.

Fight the Spread of COVID-19

Though the outbreak of COVID-19 has become a much more serious issue than first anticipated, that doesn’t mean we have to panic or live in fear. By taking the right precautionary steps and staying clear of large groups, you can do your part in preventing the further spread of germs. We care for each of our patients and potential clients here at Winston Salem Dermatology, so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at +1 (336) 774-8636. We are always ready to help in any way we can.