Hair Loss

Alopecia Treatments

Hair loss is a problem that is very distressing for patients. Hair loss can be caused by a variety of conditions, diseases, and even improper hair care.

Hereditary thinning is the most common cause of hair loss. However, not all hair loss is genetic, and a thorough evaluation of other possible causes may be necessary. Medical conditions such as thyroid disease, iron deficiency, and hormonal imbalances, dietary deficiencies, and certain medications can also cause hair loss.

There are also skin conditions that affect the scalp and cause hair loss such as lupus, fungal infections, and alopecia areata. People who notice their hair shedding in large amounts, breakage or change in texture of their hair, or who are noticing a gradual or dramatic thinning of their hair should consult a dermatologist.

With correct diagnosis, many people with hair loss can be helped.

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