Bellafill A Long-Lasting, Effective Dermal Filler Solution

Bellafill: An Introduction

Whether you hope to improve the smoothness of your skin or simply reduce the appearance of acne scars, Bellafill dermal filler is a fantastic, long-lasting solution. Most dermal filler results typically last from 5 to 18 months, but Bellafill outperforms these alternatives in longevity, satisfaction, and consumer safety. In fact, nearly 84% of Bellafill patients report satisfactory results after almost five years of treatment!

So what is this cosmetic skincare treatment, and how does it work? Bellafill is an injectable filler composed of animal-based collagen and Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), a form of acrylic. This compound contains ‘microspheres’ that stimulate your body’s collagen production, boosting the plumpness of your skin and evening out your overall skin tone. These injections are FDA-approved to be safe, cause minimal discomfort, and produce results that last.


How Does Bellafill Work?

Bellafill is a fantastic treatment for smoothing wrinkles and lines caused by age and scarring, but how does it work exactly? To put it simply, the Bellafill compound is comprised of synthetic microspheres and purified collagen that work together to trigger your body into forming a collagen framework of sorts. This “scaffold” allows your body’s natural collagen to form around it, plumping up your skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and laugh lines.

These ingredients are also not naturally metabolized in your body and won’t absorb or disappear into your skin. They remain beneath the surface, keeping it lively and plump for up to half a decade after treatment. This slow breakdown gives Bellafill the leading edge over other alternatives.

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The Bellafill Procedure

Prior to seeking a Bellafill treatment, your dermatologist will want a complete medical history, including potential allergies and medical conditions you might have. This process will also include a small skin test to determine whether you have any natural allergies to animal-based collagen. In this procedure, a small amount of purified collagen is injected into the skin on your arm. This injection site will be monitored in the office for a brief time to ensure you don’t suffer from any reaction. Currently, the FDA recommends this test roughly four weeks prior to your Bellafill procedure.

On the day of your treatment, the doctor will mark the treatment areas and then inject the compound into those sites. Each injection contains a small amount of lidocaine to reduce discomfort during the procedure. This procedure can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the number of treatment areas and often shows immediate results! Additionally, your dermatologist may recommend a follow-up treatment roughly six weeks after your procedure for maximum results.


What Areas Does Bellafill Treat?

The Bellafill procedure has been FDA approved to treat nasolabial folds and severe acne scars, but it also features several off-label benefits, including:

• Lips

Bellafill functions as a lip filler

• Eye bags

This procedure can also reduce and minimize bags under the eyes.

• The Chin and Cheeks

Bellafill will also reduce lines and wrinkles along the cheeks and chin.

• Nose bumps

Treatment can also reduce the appearance of bumps on the nose and nostrils.


The Benefits of Bellafill

There are several treatments on the market for those seeking to turn back the clock and reduce laugh lines and wrinkles. However, most of these products only work on a superficial level, produce lackluster results, or fade away within months of treatment. But not Bellafill! This product features some advantages over the competition, including:

• Instant results

Following your procedure, you will see an immediate reduction in wrinkles and lines.

• Long-lasting Effects

Unlike other dermal fillers, only Bellafill is known to last for years after the procedure.

• No Downtime

You’ll be able to return to your regular routine following your Bellafill treatment, with minimal bruising or swelling.

• Stimulates natural collagen production

The Bellafill treatment actually promotes natural collagen production, keeping your skin smooth and youthful long after the procedure.

• Safe

Bellafill has been FDA approved to treat nasolabial lines and moderate to severe acne scarring. Typically, patients will only experience minimal bruising, swelling, and itchiness.

• Natural-looking results

Some skin rejuvenation treatments can leave patients looking “too smooth,” leaving them with a temporary plastic-like appearance. But not with Bellafill! Bellafill treatment produces results that give you a natural, youthful look.


What is the Cost of Bellafill Treatment?

Most filler treatments are priced by the syringe. Therefore, the Bellafill procedure may vary in price depending on several factors, including:

  • The procedure type
  • The size and depth of the treatment area
  • The qualifications of your dermatologist
  • The number of visits required to complete treatment

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What to Expect Before, During, and After Your Treatment

• Before

As with any medical procedure, the first step will be to consult with your Dermatologist. Here, they will look over your medical history and administer an allergy test. This will help determine whether you are a good candidate for treatment. Additionally, leading up to your procedure, you will want to avoid taking medications like aspirin and ibuprofen that may thin the blood.

• During

A few weeks after your first consultation, you’ll return to your specialist for the procedure. Before beginning, the doctor will take before and after pictures to track progress. Your Dermatologist will begin the process by injecting lidocaine at your treatment area to reduce discomfort.

The dermatologist will track the progress during the procedure and ensure the correct amount of filler is used for optimal results. And by the time you leave, you’ll do so looking much more vibrant and youthful.

• After

After treatment, you should be able to return to your normal daily routine. Most clients can fit in appointments during their work and lunch breaks with no downtime! It is important to note that, after the procedure, you will want to limit your UV exposure, whether via direct sunlight or tanning booths.


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