After just a few sessions of tweezing or waxing, many people find themselves desperate to find an alternative to the torturous process. It hurts! No one wants to have hundreds of tiny hairs violently yanked out of their skin by someone that looks like they’re desperately trying to start an uncooperative lawnmower. Not to mention that it doesn’t take long before those pesky hairs have returned, requiring yet another round of torment.

But don’t lose faith! There are several long-term alternatives to all that tweezing and plucking. Two commonly used methods are electrolysis and laser hair removal. And despite electrolysis being the only permanent hair removal treatment endorsed by the FDA, laser hair removal has quickly risen to become the more popular of the two.


The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments are one of the most effective treatments for unwanted hair. So how does it work? With this method, a laser shoots a bright pulse of light that absorbs the melanin pigment found in the hair follicle. This process damages the follicle and prevents it from regrowing in the future.

  1. One of the best advantages of laser hair removal treatment is that the results are permanent. Unlike tweezing or waxing, the follicle has been damaged and cannot regrow, resulting in smooth skin.
  2. Laser hair removal is a quick process, taking only a few minutes to cover smaller areas, with larger ones taking under an hour.
  3. The treatment is extremely precise, affecting only the hair you desire to have removed.
  4. The risks of unwanted effects are very low.

Laser Hair Removal

However, laser hair removal isn’t completely devoid of risk. As with all treatments, it is important to speak with a professional beforehand to determine the best methods to use based on your skin type and color.

The laser hair removal process tends to work best for people with darker hair and lighter complexions. For patients with lighter color or blonde hair, the process may be rendered ineffective due to a lack of melanin pigment present in each follicle. However, breakthroughs with devices like Nd:YAG lasers and Diode treatments have provided an excellent alternative for people that have light hair or darker skin.


Preparing for Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Once you’ve determined the best course of treatment with your aesthetician, you will likely need to prep the site by shaving a few days before the procedure. During this time, you’ll also want to avoid self-tanners or tanning booths before and after treatment.

It is also necessary to consult with your doctor regarding any medications you may be taking as they could interfere with the results of your procedure.

When the big day arrives, you will want to avoid using skin products, including lotions or deodorants. Once again, be sure to consult with a professional regarding what products not to use!

We recommend taking a couple of ibuprofen tablets roughly an hour before your session to ensure minimal discomfort. Some professionals also recommend the use of creams that contain lidocaine for pain relief.

Many claim the pulse of laser light during the hair removal process feels much like being snapped with a small rubber band, although this may vary with each customer. Some areas may also be more sensitive than others, depending on location and skin type.

Laser Hair Removal-1


After Care

After your very first session, you’ll begin to see results, but it can take several treatments to achieve the desired permanent effect. The hair follicles take on a finer and lighter appearance with each subsequent treatment until you reach zero re-growth. This is estimated to take roughly 6-8 sessions. Once you’re happy with your results, simple yearly maintenance treatments are all you’ll need to maintain that smooth hairless skin!


Myths Surrounding Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has become a popular solution for many people that struggle with unwanted body hair. And though it’s one of the safest, fastest methods available on the market, laser hair removal does come with a litany of myths surrounding it.

1. Laser Hair Removal is Too Expensive

With laser hair removal technology being based on cutting-edge technology, many incorrectly assume that it’s an expensive process. However, laser hair removal is an affordable option on any budget. And compared to the costs of a lifetime of regular waxing, laser hair removal is a much more reasonable option for both your skin and your wallet!

2. It Will Remove All the Hair on the First Treatment

This one should be obvious to most. You won’t leave your first treatment and have all those pesky follicles simply disappear into thin air. It takes time! For best results, it will take at least 6-8 treatments before long-term results begin to show. And even then, the treatment might not be completely permanent, with genetics and hormonal factors contributing to success rates. However, with full treatment, laser hair removal can significantly reduce the amount of unwanted hair.

3. Laser Hair Treatment is Painful

Laser hair removal is no more painful than waxing! Many clients say that waxing and tweezing is a far more painful process comparatively. Most people describe the procedure as being more ‘uncomfortable’ than painful, with it feeling like the flick of a rubber band against your skin. That’s better than tearing out your hair like you were pulling up a rug, right?

4. It Causes Scarring

Now, any procedure that utilizes lasers on skin carries a small risk of scarring. As such, this will most likely appear on the consent forms you’ll fill out before treatment. However, the risks incurred during laser hair removal treatment are small, with your healing rate and skin pigment being prominent factors in how your skin will react to the procedure.


Why Opting for Laser Hair Removal is Better Than Other Options

Although both procedures have similar results and similar approaches to destroying your hair follicles, they are not quite the same! You will want to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each procedure with your aesthetician to make the best choice.

Along with handling larger areas of skin, laser hair removal can be performed on just about any part of your body, making the procedure a great choice if you have a large section of unwanted hair growth. Electrolysis can’t cover larger areas at once and requires more spread-out sessions to achieve desired effects.

Once you’ve determined which course of action is best for you, it is recommended to continue with that particular treatment type and not combine the two approaches. If you find that you want to switch from laser hair removal to electrolysis, or vice versa, you’ll probably want to wait several months between treatments.



Laser hair removal treatments offer long-lasting effects for folks hoping to remove unwanted body hair. It’s a simple, effective, relatively painless procedure that produces permanent results without requiring constant aftercare. The procedure has also quickly become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for hair removal.

And with the rewards of this procedure far outweighing the risks, laser treatments stand above the competition as a great solution for hair removal. The days of repeatedly ripping out hairs from sensitive skin in the name of beauty are over!


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