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Skin Firming

Vanquish Your Fat!

“Vanquish”, the latest in fat-reduction technology.

Non-Surgical fat reduction! “Vanquish” uses a focused-field radio frequency to zap fat without ever touching the patient’s body. It is approved for deep-tissue heating, a known method for targeting fat, and has minimal side effects.


Needling Your Way to Younger Skin Do you want to diminish wrinkles, improve the look of scars, get rid of stretch marks, or encourage hair growth? Believe it or not, there’s one treatment that can do it all! Microneedling is [...]

iS Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment

Experience professional, clinical results from home. This potent blend of physical and botanical exfoliating agents combines papaya enzymes with micro-beads which instantly smooth, brighten, clarify and soften skin while copper peptides promote long-term benefits by encouraging collagen synthesis. By using [...]