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Winston Salem Dermatology In The News

Dermaplaning: A Real Miracle Cure

Is your skin feeling dull and uneven, leaving you disheartened every time you look in the mirror? Does it feel like that no matter what you add to your skincare routine, you just can’t get your face looking....

Tone & Sculpt Your Body with Emsculpt

There’s nothing worse than eating all the right foods and exercising regularly and still not seeing the results that you want. Luckily, the dermatology world is always evolving and coming up with...

Botox: Much More Than Skin Injections

There are millions of dollars spent each year by people across the world who seek out the perfect anti-aging solution. And more times than not, the creams and ointments can’t deliver what they promise you.

COVID-19: Update From Winston Salem Dermatology

What first began as a small virus outbreak in Wuhan China, COVID-19, which is also known as the Coronavirus, has begun to take a toll on the remainder of the world. Spreading like wildfire, the CDC announced on January 20th, 2020 that the virus had been found in the United States.

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